This series explores the Fall of Black and Brown communities due to gentrification. 

It takes us back in time using the fall season as a metaphor for historical periods and societal changes within the black and brown communities. With the vintage styling and touches of modern pieces we gently pull our attention back to our current day, 


THE BACKSTORY | The Process 

With the styling, I asked Samir to let me know what he wanted to shoot in and based on that, I would decide what the story was and which locations we would tell it in. 

 Styling and selecting the right location in my opinion can be crucial to the story you are aiming to tell. 

About a month prior, I decided to take a photowalk while running errands on a warmer fall day and during that walk I was soooo taken by how beautiful the fall season was. The colors, the light, the people, the stories, the expressions of joy, sadness and being.. 
It made me fall in love with Flatbush all over again while feeling a deep desire to see an uplifting change, as I do every time I step out in my neighborhood. 

It made me curious about what a Fall themed shoot I could look like.

After Samir sent me his outfit I instantly knew that we had to shoot In Flatbush, right in my neighborhood. 

This felt like the perfect opportunity to explore a theme that I've seen play out as I've called Flatbush, PLG, Prospect Park Lefferts Garden my home for over  8 years. 

My goal is to uphold the cultural richness while raising awareness to the fall of the residents that's called this community home much longer than I have. 


My go to Caribbean restaurant in the neighborhood. I used to live around this corner when I lived closer to the entrance of Flatbush referred to as PLG.
Location Scout
November 18, 2023 at 9:49 AM
Location Scout
November 18, 2023 at 9:46 AM

Samirs Inspo behind the outfit. 

For this outfit I wanted it to be something full brown in order to shoot with some building or streets that could match the color of my fit. I’m a vintage guy and I really wanted to showcase it through my outfit. I added the Kangol bob to play with the geometry of the look, since I wanted to wear clothes that were really well defined by their righteousness, it suits the fit perfectly and it also add this mysterious vibes since we don’t see that much my eyes

THE FALL will journey through the seasonal transition of the leaves in the fall mirroring the change of the landscape, specifically in Flatbush due to the  historical evolution of black and brown communities over time while still standing tall and prevailing through.

You look forward to the landing as you fall..How can we prepare to protect ourselves during the fall?


House Warning Project

Flatbush Tenant Coalition 

Vocal New York 

As the leaves change and fall, the trunk continues to stand tall. 
Our voice holds the volumes of stories that will continue to be shared through the perseverance of the community despite the challenges faced.

Brooklyns Finest: The older gentlemen of Flatbush are typically found walking around in a full suite, briefcase and fedora. These images aim to display the memory of a powerful young black man that lives on. 

Leaves change at a different pace.  

Whats worse than waiting for the change to come? 

Seeing No Change At All

Operation Clean Halls, in existence since 1991, was a program in which police conduct patrols in the hallways and stairwells of buildings to remove non-residents who are loitering.

Model: Samir Sabe

Photographer: Rashida Z 

Photographers Assistant: Hanif Castle 

Location: Flatbush

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