Model: Nastassia 

Photographer: Rashida Z 

Stylist: Rebecca Lux 

MUA: Amy Kate

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Send Me your songs that talk about brown sugar!

You need me 

I mean I want you
I make it taste better


How sweet do you want it? 

One Spoon?

Two Spoons?


Whats enough for you? 

If I’m too sweet will you come back for more of you or will you wait until a distance later to have another taste?

Whats just right?

How damaging to your health should I be to keep you coming back for more? 

Whats just right? 

I Am 

Clearly delicious to you cause you always come back for more but you never stay. 

My sugar isn’t sweet enough 

The sweeter I am the more you run


I must be that good to you.

How much sugar should I give to keep you?

But it seems

You keep feeding that sweet tooth. 

My brown sugar is good for you



-Rashida Z 

A conversation with Nastassia on Brown Sugar 

.Tell me about some of your reasons behind putting this brown sugar concept together. .


I’m brown and sweet and wanted to represent that somehow visually. The tones, colors, textures, and mood for this shoot was the highlight and I picked you Rashida, to photograph it because I knew you would understand the complexities of such a seemingly simple concept. 

How comfortable are you in your sexuality? 

MMM if I were to rate it, maybe an 8/10. Im still learning a lot about myself, and taking my time while doing it. 

So much to explore with so much time ahead, so I try not to rush things. 

I think of so many things when I hear brown sugar, other than beautiful black women my mind goes to brown sugar as an exfoliating scrub for the body lips and face.

As an Esthetician, can you share any expertise behind the use of brown sugar as a scrub? 

Absolutely. It’s really the physical aspect of sugar that gives its benefits of an exfoliant. Not only that, it has a natural form of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) called glycolic acid, which is a chemical exfoliant found in a lot of skincare formulas. On top of all this, it is a natural humectant, which means it draws water from the environment, and locks it into the skin when in use. Hard in texture, sugar helps slough of dead skin cells easily without leaving your skin too dry, leaving you with nice glowy and refreshed skin. 

What's Your WHY as an Esthetician?.

I do it because I want to give black people the delicacy and softness they deserve. I also do it to inform people about their skin so they can learn how to take care of it better, and depend less on products to have great skin.

What gives you comfort in sharing your sexual freedom publicly? 

The knowledge that not much was shared with me growing up. I give a small spectrum of who I am & where my interests lay online to make people comfortable enough to ask questions or to do, try, or demand whatever lifestyle they desire. 

"If your love was a food, would you call it cinnamon or Brown Sugar? Why? "

Sweet & addicting, oh so good but so so bad,

 brown sugar for my suga. 

My love can kill, that’s why you can only get me in doses 

Brown sugar! 

Can be a lil sweet but too much of it can kill you. 

Nevertheless, you’ll be addicted and will always want more.


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a miami native, who fell in love with new york. 

currently based in brooklyn, rebecca has found her home in ny fashion. she thoroughly enjoys challenging herself creatively and captivating her audience through expressive fashion, transforming it into art.

rebecca began styling in '17 after gaining over 10 years of retail experience, from sales to personal shopping to management. additionally, for the past 2 years, she’s been exploring her role as a creative director in editorial storytelling.

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