February 17th 2022

How Do You See Yourself?

When I look at myself I see gods creation. I see kind eyes, hard work, and scars, the ones we see & the ones we don’t see. I see a beautiful mixture and a misunderstood story that I will always want to share and embody. 


How do you show up for yourself? 

Showing up for myself, is actually my biggest lesson right now. I show up for myself by doing the things that I don’t actually want to do but I must. I show up for myself by always putting myself and what I believe in first. I have never been common or have done common things I do not like following the crowd, and that can be a lonely place. So sometimes it also means lifting up my own spirit, affirming my own soul and reminding myself that love is my most important value.

When do you feel the fullest in your skin? 

I really like this question because the answer that came forward was something I needed to hear. I feel the most in my skin when I speak with my ancestors, pray to whom I believe in and talk to myself. Every morning I walk to my altar , I say thanks and I acknowledge all that has come before me so that I can be in tune with the present day. I feel the most in my skin when in those rituals I am heard, I am understood, I am cared for, I am loved, I am seen, and I am respected. To know that I was made perfect & filled with love inspires my days and it inspires my art. 

When do you feel uncomfortable in your skin?

Although art and being an artist has always been a place of comfort for me, it is actually the place I feel the most uncomfortable. My first love was dance, then singing, then drawing, then writing, then modeling, and the list keeps growing. To be an artist is to be ok with being vulnerable which often invites discomfort, and no one likes to not know what they’re doing. I have to constantly be a student of life and keep my heart open for teachable moments. Does that mean I like it? Hell no. Sometimes I love it because of what the lesson is and sometimes it hurts because of what the lesson is. However, I would never have stood on top of the mountain I’m standing on now, if I was always comfortable. 

Meet Lake

Behind The Scenes 

It’s remarkable to me what happens when things aren’t planned to a T. 

When you follow spirit and let things be. 

I was gifted studio space time at blanc studios so I asked lake to come shoot the day before. 

I had a really busy day prior so we fully confirmed around midnight. I said to just bring what you got. 

I did the same. 

She was her 


Makeup artist 

Hair Stylist

I gave minor input.

I handled the set, the vibes and And photography direction. 

Photo direction guided itself to being in our own skin-

Thus Created this. 

- Rashida Z 

You can't get it from the outside in,
TRUTH is from the inside out.

- Lauryn Hill 

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