Rashida Z 

Rashida Zagon is a fine art and portrait photographer who pursues honest depictions of human intimacy.

Zagon revels in candid and still shots celebrating quotidian moments of human interaction. Zagon finds joy in the simple pleasures of life so these are the moments she most desires to capture- those that are fleeting, behind the scenes and well curated sets inspired by real life events, emotions and interactions. 

The contours of the human body form the lines and bold composition of her images. She seeks natural movement, capturing the energy of the person and the environment. The lighting, often in warm sunlit palettes, illuminates the inner glow of each person’s spirit. The use of color in styling or set design is strategic, emphasizing the mood of the setting. Zagon navigates easily between the studio and the outdoors and between staged and spontaneous moments.

By developing strong and honest relationships with her clients, she offers specialized attention that brings their vision to life. By incorporating fine tuned editing, Rashida strikes a balance of storytelling and fine art.

*Photo Shot By Rebecca Francois*

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