After years of embarking on a journey of self-discovery through my work in photography, I've discovered a world where creativity can sustain and uplift one's life.

I've been searching for what I want to offer the world through my photography for years. 

- What’s my WHY?

- What can I build that will create impact and change within and around my community?

- What will allow me the space to learn about new things, new people, and new, unfamiliar spaces?

- What will give me the opportunity to lead, follow, and let go?

- How can I create social change around issues that don’t align with my core values?

- How do I blend my love for visual, written, performance, and conversational art with problem-solving?

How do I redefine being social with media?

What medium? 

"A means by which something is communicated or expressed"


A magazine...

A coffee table book...

A dream.

What could it be?


FIVE ( action)

- Hands (2)

- Feet (2)

- Head (1)

THREE (emotion)

- Body

- Mind

- Soul

ONE (intention)

- Hewman

531 celebrates the hewman who dreams of creating outside the margins of a 9-5, those who let their passion guide them to build a life on nature's timeline, allowing the world to speak.

There is power in dreaming, storytelling, and honest media curation. 


Our Mission

Our mission at 531 is to revolutionize how hewman stories are valued and creative opportunities are cultivated off-screen and behind the scenes. Through our network-driven magazine publication services, we provide a platform for artists, brands, producers, and consumers to showcase their creations. With quarterly magazine releases and yearly coffee table books designed to last a lifetime, we aim to reshape the media landscape and highlight the life's work of creatives in a unique and innovative way. Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery.


"I think the work we do in the community is very similar to that; you don’t always get to see growth in real-time, you see it over time. You have to really trust the process."

- Sadaf Padder